Frequently Asked Questions

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We only use tradesmen that we know and trust rather than rely on subcontractors. In order to provide the high level of service that 4b2 offer we are committed to employing the right tradesman for the job.

Do you provide quotes or charge by the hour?


Hourly Rate: If the job is small and relatively straightforward, we'll use our judgment during your initial call to assess how long the work will take and schedule a home visit based on that assessment. If you need us to pick up specialist materials, costs for these will be added plus carriage onto the hourly rate. Booking a tradesman in for an hour is a great way of testing our reliability, attitude and skill without having to make a larger financial commitment.

Quotation: Clearly you can't have a tradesman in for just an hour if you want a laminate floor laying, or a whole bathroom retiling. In this case, we recommend booking an appointment with us. For commercial businesses, once we have visited, we will pass the quote to your office within 24 hours. If the task is straightforward we'll be able to provide a fixed price - a quote - for doing the work. However, there are occasions were we won't know how long it's going to take until we've actually begun the work.

Revised costings: It sometimes happens that during a job we discover that an additional work is required in addition to the one quoted. An additional quote will then be given to you in this situation to approve. An example of this would be retiling a bathroom wall in an old property where once the tiles have been removed, it is discovered that the plaster also needs replacing. In this case you will be given a revised quote on site before any further work is done.

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What is your hourly rate?

£35 per hour, and £25 per hour thereafter.

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Is there a call out charge?

There is no call out charge. If we stay to do the job then anything up to one hour costs £35.00. Thereafter, it goes to £25 per hour as stated above.

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Is there a minimum charge?

Yes the minimum charge is £35.00 but only if we stay to do the job.

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Who provides the materials?

The choice is yours. If you'd rather buy your own materials, that's okay with us. We can give you a "labour only" price. However, most of our clients would rather that we quoted "all in". Please note that we will not buy decorative materials such as tiles or wallpaper as this is very much a personal choice, offering many different styles and prices. A quote for tiling a bathroom would include basic materials and cost of the labour to prepare the walls then tile them, but you would purchase the tiles.

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I'd like to use your service. What do I do?

Call or email us and let us know what you require. We deal with each job individually and may be able to give you an idea of the cost over the phone, but in order to give you an accurate cost we will probably need to visit you. As most visits are done in the evening you will not have to take time off work. However, on many occasions, especially on the smaller jobs, we will carry out the work on an hourly rate so you will be able to book a convenient time for us to call when you make your initial enquiry.

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What happens if I'm not happy with the work?

In this unlikely event, we'll ask one of our senior tradesmen to visit your property and examine the work. If the work has not been completed to the high standard we expect, we will put it right free of charge.

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What happens if the tradesman damages my property?

We only use thoroughly vetted tradesmen with a professional attitude to their work. However, if this does happen, you are fully covered under our business insurance.

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How soon can you do the work?

This is dependent on the job and the work you wish carried out. Small jobs can sometimes be the same day, bigger jobs are booked in to suit your schedule.

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What kind of work to you undertake?

Usually the smaller annoying jobs you don't get around to doing yourself e.g. small carpentry jobs, plastering, painting and decorating, rewiring electrical fittings including moving lights and power points etc. However, if you want your entire house painted, or a new kitchen or bathroom fitted, we can still accommodate you.

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I need lots of different jobs doing.How would this be approached?

All of our tradesmen are skilled in more than one trade. We will schedule your task list to allow an efficient use of the tradesmens' time.

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How do I know how much a job will cost?

We will give you an initial idea over the phone as to how long a job will take. When we arrive, should it look like it will take longer then we will re-evaluate and give you the choice of going ahead or not. If you do not wish to proceed you will not be charged. For larger jobs, we will visit and survey the work required. Then submit a quote to the customer at no cost.

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How do I pay?

Payment is on completion by cash or cheque.

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Have you insurance?

Yes, we carry £1m Public Liability Insurance.

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What areas do you cover?

We are based in West Lothian and can cover most of the Edinburgh postal code areas.

Do you do commercial work?

Yes. We do work for local businesses, restaurants, landlords and estate agents. Our commercial clients are invoiced and we require payment within 30 days.

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Do you work with gas?

To work with gas it is necessary to be "CORGI" registered. If the job requires gas fitting work we can arrange for a registered "CORGI" fitter to carry out this work, and you then pay them directly.

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Why would I hire your company for the day?

Many people decide that it makes great sense to hire 4b2 for a day to get all of those niggling jobs out of the way in one go. Others hire 4b2 after moving in to a new home to help with essential jobs. Some hire 4b2 on deciding to sell their property, and realising that by outlaying a small amount they can realise a greater profit!

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Can I supply my own materials?

Yes, by all means, you can supply your own materials. Most people use us as a labour only service. We can also supply materials. We carry a stock of fixtures and fittings so as not to waste time and thus saving you money.

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Do you do a same day service?

Generally speaking, most of the work we do is booked in advance. Usually a couple of days or within the week, but depending on the job, it may be possible. We will give you a time so you don't have to wait in all day.

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Are you reliable?

We are a local business whose trade is mostly by recommendation and word of mouth. Customer goodwill is vital to our survival. If we are delayed by a previous job, we will keep you informed by phone.

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